Let Me Flourish In My Fat Girl Shorts

What an honour exploring body positivity with these unabashed, unapologetic, unafraid women. Here’s an intimate look into what the movement means to them… Yammie Botha “Puberty hits, thighs get bigger but the mind is still […]

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The Sensuality of Pregnancy

Perhaps I shouldn’t be, but over and over I’m blown away by the sensuality of  pregnancy. Each woman I’ve photographed, whether their pregnant journey has been tough or smooth sailing, has resonated an unencumbered sexiness […]

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Nalisha & Kieran, Benvenuti

There aren’t enough words to do justice to this sparkling couple – their deep love, wonderful sense of humour, passion for travel and adventure, multilayered way of seeing the world and strong sense of individuality […]

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Soft, Strong & Stretchy: Emma J

I spent much of my adolescent years on diets, eating measured portions of protein and snacking on rice cakes, forever waiting to lose my ‘puppy fat’. I cried in many a specialised-bra fitting room, devastated […]

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Feminist And Pregnant

 “I’ve never felt more empowered and confident than I do now, but being pregnant has also challenged my brand of feminism and my ideals of radical gender equality. I reject the essentialist view of motherhood […]

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To Feel Sexy Is A Gift

“Secretly, I’ve always wanted to do a nude shoot. I imagined being old and wrinkled one day and thinking back to the days when my skin was taut and my boobs perky. I, like every […]

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Speaking our Truth

At the start of 2018 I invited women on social media to share their experiences of abuse, sexual assault and harassment with me, and if they were ready, with the public. I hoped to turn […]

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Women’s Portraiture: Lauren O’Donnell Teasdale

The term “glowing” is thrown around rather loosely when it comes to pregnant women but with Lauren O’Donnell Teasdale there was no denying it. The confident quietude, the kindness, the wisdom and fiery spirit for […]

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Confronting Pregnancy, Rebecca Urbanski

“I am sorry to burst some bubbles but not all woman revel in the glow of pregnancy. Not all women feel like life-bearing goddesses, perfectly at one with their inner divine. Not all of us […]

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