Women’s Portraiture

For women the journey towards self confidence and acceptance is tough and ongoing. Everyday I have to remind myself of my value, who I am and the strength I wield even when insecurity gnaws at my gut. We get caught up in the boxes of what others expect and what we expect of ourselves, and that can be scary, especially when faced with so many images of the “ideal” woman: slim, smooth skinned, young, successful, polite, fit. But that is not the real world. That is not how real women have to look or behave. We are the real thing and we also want to be seen.

I love photographing everyday women, women with hips and bums and blemishes and insecurities. I want us all to look at photographs of ourselves and think, “fuck yeah, I’m a force to be reckoned with!” Many of us tend to feel insecure in front of a camera but with the right kind of encouragement it’s empowering. It creates presence, an awareness of your body, your mind and your emotional state. Portraiture reveals sides of ourselves we don’t often express, not even to our nearest and dearest, and it has the power to make us feel really good in our perfectly imperfect skin.

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