Women’s Portraiture

I love photographing everyday women, women with hips and bums and blemishes and fears. I think its important to embrace the insecurities that so many of us share, rather than making unhealthy comparisons to ideals that aren’t real. 

Being in front of a camera, being at the centre, creates an immediate presence: an awareness of your body, your mind and your emotions. Sometimes this can be unnerving but given a little time and patience, its also empowering. The camera lets us reveal aspects of ourselves we don’t often have the freedom or space to express and it has the power to make us feel really good in our fantastically flawed skin. 

If you’d like to explore and celebrate yourself in a new way, look through my portfolio and leave your details at the bottom so I can get send you all the info. 

If you'd like to celebrate yourself in a new and exciting way, leave your details below and I'll get straight back to.