Who Am I?

“She was not fragile like a flower. She was fragile like a bomb”. 

For a long while when people asked “what kind of photographer are you?” I didn’t know what to say and that made me feel insecure, as if I had no photographic identity. But then, after 5 years of floating, I found security not in what I photograph but why, which is quite simply to make people feel safe and happy in their skin. 

I enjoy creating a space in which those I photograph feel seen, heard and accepted for precisely who they are, a space where we are not minimised to a single stereotype. This is particularly true when I photograph women, which is the work I hold dearest. There is so much power in us coming together and celebrating our many different selves, and the camera is my tool for connecting and celebrating.

I was lucky enough to have a great mentor in my first two years of shooting professionally, and he gave me an invaluable piece of advice: “If you ever think you’ve got it, stop!” Following his wise words, I’ll never stop working to improve the output of my craft but that is not what defines me as a photographer. What defines me is why I pick up my camera, and although making someone feel valued and good might not change the world, it is enough for me.