My Story

After a 4-year psychology degree and 3 years working for the man, I quit my job at a publishing house and threw all my savings into a solo adventure through South America. During that time my camera was my only permanent buddy. Whether exploring Machu Picchu or going to the corner shop, it was always at my side. I wasn’t continuously snapping but the knowledge that it was there made me see the world a little differently. I was curious about things that I would otherwise have overlooked. I sat for long periods of time on the sidewalk, watching people go by. I imagined what their lives might be like, I asked questions and I listened to the answers. Initially this was a selfish search for that “one great photo” but the more I stopped, looked and listened, the more naturally curiosity came. Bit by bit photographs became secondary as my desire to understand different human beings grew.

This desire is what sparked my ongoing interest in photography – a desire to see people through a more nuanced lens, our strengths and vulnerabilities, our weirdness, our anger, our kindness, our beauty. If I can capture at least a couple of these layers in an image, great! If not, the process of engagement is itself a treat. Failing in photography is still enjoyable… What more could you possibly want from a profession!

Alongside photography, I’m also co-director and visual storyteller at Street Sleeper, a non profit organisation that makes sleeping bags for the homeless from upcycled advertising billboards, while promoting social upliftment through meaningful engagement.