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Boudoir Shoot: Meg Ringdal

“I love how Sarah’s art celebrates the female form – in all the many shapes, sizes, shades, and tones it comes in – so I took the opportunity of this boudoir shoot with her to […]

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Women’s Portraiture: Thola Antamu

“Dancers are God’s athletes”. Albert Einstein. Photographing Thola was a particularly special experience for me. A contemporary dancer and wonderful thinker, her body and mind work in perfect union, energetic and calm in the same […]

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Women’s Portraiture: Taryn Smuts

“She was not fragile like a flower. She was fragile like a bomb”.

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Women’s Portraiture: Mayra Hartmann

When I first met up with Mayra for her women’s portraiture shoot, baby Mali was bouncing on her hip, stealing the show with big searching eyes and a kind smile. The shoot inevitably turned to […]

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Year of The Woman

Last year my work took a new direction when I started to focus on women’s portraiture as a tool for free self expression, empowerment and body positivity. Then the #metoo movement was born and for […]

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Jules & Scotty, Whale Coast Wedding

Ah man! There are those weddings that just make you smile, from the isle all the way to a dirt-trimmed dress on the dance floor. Julia and Scott’s whale coast wedding wedding did just that, […]

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Women’s Portraiture: Tamara Dey

You always hear that when women fall pregnant, their intuition is heightened, which I love and look forward to. But what about our sensuality? Tamara Dey is one of the most sensual women I’ve ever […]

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Quitting Nicotine: The Only Drug That Won’t Get You High

I’ve made a lot of stupid decisions in my life and I regret none of them, except cigarettes, the only drug that kills you without the simple courtesy of getting you high. Over the years […]

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Portraits of the Klein Karoo

For ten days in October 2017, my love and I went on a road trip through the Klein Karoo. We had no real plan or itinerary, so just trundled along, driving slowly, never covering more […]

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