Women’s Portraiture: Tamara Dey

You always hear that when women fall pregnant, their intuition is heightened, which I love and look forward to. But what about our sensuality? Tamara Dey is one of the most sensual women I’ve ever […]

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Quitting Nicotine: The Only Drug That Won’t Get You High

I’ve made a lot of stupid decisions in my life and I regret none of them, except cigarettes, the only drug that kills you without the simple courtesy of getting you high. Over the years […]

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Portraits of the Klein Karoo

For ten days in October 2017, my love and I went on a road trip through the Klein Karoo. We had no real plan or itinerary, so just trundled along, driving slowly, never covering more […]

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Family Portraiture: Leigh, Sean & Isla

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful trio a little over a year ago when Isla didn’t yet walk or talk. How cool to capture her again, this kind-hearted, high-spirited little lady, whose taste for adventure is […]

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Simone & Jacob, The Thatch House

When pigs fly… This was the date Simone and Jacob imagined themselves getting married and when pigs did indeed fly, they flew high! Every so often surroundings, sunlight and love come together just so, and […]

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Jeannine & Evan, Brenaissance

Jeannine and Evan’s magical wedding at Brenaissance felt like one big continuous smile, the perfect reflection of these joyous humans, whose shared passion for life is evident from the moment they walk into a room. This […]

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First Peak into Sri Lanka: Colombo & Jaffna

Long ago Muslim traders referred to Sri Lanka as ‘Serendib”, Arabic for ‘Island of Jewels’ and the basis of serendipity, the art of making happy and unexpected discoveries. This is how Sri Lanka felt, like a […]

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Monique & Matt, Suikerbossie

Hard to imagine a more beautiful way to get married than surrounded by the quintessential scenery of your home. Suikerbossie is a Cape Town institution, with sweeping views over Hout Bay Valley, Llundudno to the […]

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The Holiest City, Varanasi

Average Budget: R380/person/day (basic private room sharing, ate local food, walked most places) Accommodation: Stops Hostel Tips: Wake up early (sunrise), go to bed late & rest in between; you don’t need an activities plan – Varanasi is […]

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