Jess & Dave, Pat Busch

I cannot overstate how much I enjoyed Jess and Dave’s wedding, or how much I like Jess and Dave. These are two humans with nothing to prove, who seem to live life with a sense of […]

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Robyn & André, Backsberg

Itinerary. It was the word we kept coming back to. Itinerary. Itinerary. Itinerary. Some believe that unplanned weddings leave room for serendipity, surprise and spontaneity, but I believe the opposite to be true. An organised wedding, one that has been […]

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Mickie & Mark, Landtscap

Mickie and Mark have been together for two decades, so their wedding felt like less of a beginning and more like a natural continuation of something that is clearly meant to be. The couple’s history […]

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Ingrid & Tudor, South Hill

Ordinarily I experience a little creative angst before my first wedding of the new season but Ingrid and Tudor are so comfortable with each other and those around them, that I had no reason to be nervous. This […]

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Caterina & Adam, Cape Farm House

I first set eyes on the lovely Catarina at AfrikaBurn 2013. Drawn to her ornate feather headdress, and a smile that shone from across the desert, I took her portrait and shelved it away in my stash of […]

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Tolu & Tau, Coppull Nature Reserve

Tolu and Tau were my second wedding in a single weekend. Ordinarily, after twenty hours behind the camera, I might have lost my sense of humour but they bubbled with so much joy, sincerity and togetherness […]

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Nicole & Ricki, Oaks Estate

My aunty told me that in her day, a wedding was more about the guests than it was about the couple. Thank goodness things have changed! I absolutely love weddings that centre on the two in love, […]

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Maria & Brad, Montpellier

When I first met Maria, I was taken aback by how simultaneously beautiful and down to earth she is. The furthest thing from a Bridezilla one could possible imagine, she spent her wedding morning ensuring everyone was happy […]

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KL & Josh, Kirstenbosch Manor House

Kate-Louise and Josh are one of those rare and wonderful couples that foster a great sense of calm within anyone they meet. They embody the kind of deep spirituality that is so natural and heartfelt that you find yourself wanting […]

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