Kezi & Devin, Nidderdale Farm

What a momentous way to bring in the new year! Devin and Kezi said their I-dos on 31 December 2016, surrounded by the soft blues and greens of the Hemel en Aarde Valley, close friends and […]

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Best of the Wedding Boogie 2016

Whether its my own inner (goofy!) dancing queen or my love of capturing movement, boogie hour at the end of any wedding is my absolute favourite. There’s no better time or place to let your dancing […]

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Patricia & Cameron, Winery Road Forest

Its rare you meet a bride who trusts her man enough to organise their entire wedding. Its just as rare that you meet a groom so happily willing to take on the challenge. Patricia and Cameron […]

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Jess & Dave, Pat Busch

I cannot overstate how much I enjoyed Jess and Dave’s wedding, or how much I like Jess and Dave. These are two humans with nothing to prove, who seem to live life with a sense of […]

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Robyn & André, Backsberg

Itinerary. It was the word we kept coming back to. Itinerary. Itinerary. Itinerary. Some believe that unplanned weddings leave room for serendipity, surprise and spontaneity, but I believe the opposite to be true. An organised wedding, one that has been […]

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Mickie & Mark, Landtscap

Mickie and Mark have been together for two decades, so their wedding felt like less of a beginning and more like a natural continuation of something that is clearly meant to be. The couple’s history […]

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Ingrid & Tudor, South Hill

Ordinarily I experience a little creative angst before my first wedding of the new season but Ingrid and Tudor are so comfortable with each other and those around them, that I had no reason to be nervous. This […]

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Caterina & Adam, Cape Farm House

I first set eyes on the lovely Catarina at AfrikaBurn 2013. Drawn to her ornate feather headdress, and a smile that shone from across the desert, I took her portrait and shelved it away in my stash of […]

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Tolu & Tau, Coppull Nature Reserve

Tolu and Tau were my second wedding in a single weekend. Ordinarily, after twenty hours behind the camera, I might have lost my sense of humour but they bubbled with so much joy, sincerity and togetherness […]

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