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Kerry, An Open Water Swimmer

It takes a special kind of woman – a woman who knows her boundaries and fights to challenge them – to tackle the Cape’s icy ocean and come out on top. Kerry is one such […]

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Andrew & Anik, The Foodbarn

When real love, deep family connection, world class food, great friends and the perfect day come together… magic happens! Anik and Andrew’s beautifully intimate wedding at The Foodbarn was indeed magic, a wonderful portrayal of […]

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Boudoir Shoot: Meg Ringdal

“I love how Sarah’s art celebrates the female form – in all the many shapes, sizes, shades, and tones it comes in – so I took the opportunity of this boudoir shoot with her to […]

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Women’s Portraiture: Thola Antamu

“Dancers are God’s athletes”. Albert Einstein.Photographing Thola was a particularly special experience for me. A contemporary dancer and wonderful thinker, her body and mind work in perfect union, energetic and calm in the same breath. […]

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Women’s Portraiture: Taryn Smuts

“She was not fragile like a flower. She was fragile like a bomb”.

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Women’s Portraiture: Mayra Hartmann

When I first met up with Mayra for her women’s portraiture shoot, baby Mali was bouncing on her hip, stealing the show with big searching eyes and a kind smile. The shoot inevitably turned to […]

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Year of The Woman

Last year my work took a new direction when I started to focus on women’s portraiture as a tool for free self expression, empowerment and body positivity. Then the #metoo movement was born and for […]

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Jules & Scotty, Whale Coast Wedding

Ah man! There are those weddings that just make you smile, from the isle all the way to a dirt-trimmed dress on the dance floor. Julia and Scott’s whale coast wedding wedding did just that, […]

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Women’s Portraiture: Tamara Dey

You always hear that when women fall pregnant, their intuition is heightened, which I love and look forward to. But what about our sensuality? Tamara Dey is one of the most sensual women I’ve ever […]

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