To Feel Sexy Is A Gift

"Secretly, I've always wanted to do a nude shoot. I imagined being old and wrinkled one day and thinking back to the days when my skin was taut and my boobs perky. I, like every other female I know, have my body issues. I’ve struggled at times to love all of me. So the notion of celebrating my body comes from a place of self-love and a desire to capture a moment in time, one that can be looked back at with love and respect (and possibly nostalgia).

The idea of doing a maternity shoot hadn’t occurred to me but I felt really good during my pregnancy and I felt good about my body. I was proud of how well it was doing, both in terms of carrying a healthy baby but also still feeling relatively fit and vital.

Inviting Sarah into my home was a bit nerve-wracking. I felt both excited and nervous about the idea of stripping down and sharing myself in this way. On the day, however, it felt like the most natural and fun thing in the world! 

To feel sexy is a gift. To feel sexy while someone is watching, let alone filming you is a whole other thing. To feel sexy while 9 months pregnant and have someone film you is liberation!"

Carly, May '18. 

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