Patricia & Cameron, Winery Road Forest

Its rare you meet a bride who trusts her man enough to organise their entire wedding. Its just as rare that you meet a groom so happily willing to take on the challenge. Patricia and Cameron were that bride and groom, and it wasn’t the impeccable decor, beautiful flowers or perfect forest location that made this day so special. Or the fact that everything except the dress were a surprise. What made this day awesome was the very deep and very honest love that these two share. They are totally and wonderfully into each other, evidenced by the frequency and ease with which they kissed, embraced and smiled at each other. It may sound odd, but couples don’t always get to spend much time together at their wedding. With the influx of friends and family, a lot of time is spent greeting and catching up, and although Pat and Cameron just did that, they always seemed to do it together, hand in hand, a solid team. Their couple shoot, exquisitely framed by Winery Road Forest, was one of the most natural I’ve ever captured. Guided by their deep comfort and trust in each other, and a passion that permeated every hug, smooch and pose, I had very little directing to do. They exhibited heir own very unique bond as it was in real life, which is the kind of authenticity that all documentary wedding photographers dream of. Thank you Patricia and Cameron for your honesty, your love and your trust. It was truly beautiful to watch. Also thank you for the flowers, party favours and wine you sent us home with!!! Delicious cherries on an already delicious cake.


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