Jess & Dave, Pat Busch

I cannot overstate how much I enjoyed Jess and Dave’s wedding, or how much I like Jess and Dave. These are two humans with nothing to prove, who seem to live life with a sense of uncomplicated surety in themselves and each other. Their wedding was held at  Pat Busch Nature Reserve in Robertson, a venue as beautiful and down to earth as the couple. Under an ancient oak tree, surrounded by their closest friends and family, they said their I-do’s. It was one of the most heartfelt ceremonies I’ve had the pleasure of capturing, officiated by Jess’s grandpa whose passion for love and life is humbling. Close family members took turns joining the couple’s hands in colourful sashes, each blessing them with cornerstones to a solid and enchanted marriage. It was one of those ceremonies you don’t see too often, where everyone allowed themselves to be carried away by love and the celebration thereof. The festivities that followed were just as magical. Nestled into the furthest reach of a majestic valley, the reception played out under a mountain as big and bold and beautiful as the occasion, with fire pits, fairy lights and a spit roast lighting the scene. When it was all over, everyone retreated to their beds and tents on the farm, happily held together in the same wonderful space that brought them together. Jess and Dave, thank you. Yours was a wedding I won’t soon forget.


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