Robyn & André, Backsberg

Itinerary. It was the word we kept coming back to. Itinerary. Itinerary. Itinerary. Some believe that unplanned weddings leave room for serendipity, surprise and spontaneity, but I believe the opposite to be true. An organised wedding, one that has been planned according to the likes and dislikes of the couple getting married, is the best kind, because within a carefully crafted frame, everyone – especially the two in love – have freedom and space to do and feel as they please. They don’t have to worry about things working to plan, because the plan is perfect and so everything else can just be. Robyn and André had a perfect wedding day plan. Their itinerary was sent to all bridal party members before the wedding, and all those involved knew exactly what was expected of them (a delight for me, since we wasted absolutely no time gathering the family for photos!) While their day might have played out like clockwork, nothing about this couple or their beautiful union at Backsberg Wine Estate, was stiff or rehearsed. From the free flow of giggles that permeated the women’s chamber, to André welling up during the first hymn, to the boogie that took over the dance floor (quite unexpectedly mind you!), the day unfolded with as much wonder and easy joy as one could hope for at a wedding. I’m delighted I got to capture it, and with an itinerary as well executed as it was, my job was made that much more enjoyable!


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