Nicole & Ricki, Oaks Estate

My aunty told me that in her day, a wedding was more about the guests than it was about the couple. Thank goodness things have changed! I absolutely love weddings that centre on the two in love, and the union of Nicole and Ricki did just that. From the moment Nicole walked down the isle, tall and beautiful in a fitted beaded dress, Ricki’s eyes struggled to focus anywhere else. Throughout the ceremony he checked on her, and she checked on him, smiling at each another as if it were their first, very comfortable, date. The Oaks Estate in Greyton provided a picturesque backdrop to their open-air nuptials, gusts of energetic wind adding an even greater spirit to the occasion. Their couple shoot took us into the back roads of Greyton’s farmlands, where we were blessed with one of the most striking sunsets I’ve seen and clouds that seemed to dance with one another across an expansive purple-blue sky. Back at the reception, they sat at their own elevated table, a detail so fitting to their togetherness that day, and I suspect every day. After dinner and speeches, the dance floor set alight, and I was treated by swirling skirts, moms on shoulders, and more than a few shots at the bar. At the very end, with his tie tied around his head (thanks groomsmen!), Ricki never stopped looking at his Nicole, smiling at her and she smiling back.


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