Misha & Lauren, Platbos Forest

Mish and Lol are two of my dearest friends, so when they asked me to be one of the band of friends who would capture their – hard to think of an apt word here, so beautiful was the day – wedding, I smiled widely through my yes! These two great humans are not just loyal friends and an amazing example of what love looks and feels like; they also co-direct Greenpop, an organisation that plants trees in under-greened communities, and leads the fight towards more sustainable living in South Africa. No surprises then that their wedding unfolded in the magical Platbos Forest, spanning three days of lying under trees, eating good food, listening to amazing music, boogying (hard!) and connecting with others in a way that only these two could facilitate. Mish and Lol, thank you for making this world a more lovely place to live in, with your trees and your hearts, you make us all smile.


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